Tehran Thricolage

// audio.visual performance //

Ruberu Art Gallery
Tehran, IRAN


// film screening //

Wundern über Tanawo’ e.V. + Affenfaust Gallerie + Reeperbahn Festival
Hamburg, GERMANY
20.-23.09.2017 @Taubenstrasse
Open Air Cinema + Headphones

One moment it seems you can grasp them, the next they slip away. The works of Mehdi Behbudi, sound artist from Tehran, oscillate between abstraction and the sounds of everyday life. Behbudi, together with Iranian poet Vahide Sistani and Hamburg-based video artist Felix Lübbert, created this piece for a change of perspective on our daily life.

“Tehran Thricolage”, one of the collective’s first video installations, shows rare drone footage of bustling squares and traffic junctions in Tehran. In the background, Sistani’s detailed poems can be heard floating gently above Behbudi’s streetlife-inspired sound-art.


Sound Artist: Mehdi Behbudi
Aerial Shots: Felix Lübbert
Voice: Vahide Sistani